Hatchway and Garden

These wooden hatchway doors just crumbled in my hands, trying to lift these hatchway doors.  They are about to be replaced!!

Below, can you see the new piece of CDX plywood, which will become a replacement door. I first cut the plywood to size. And in the picture below, he old door is sitting on top of the new door.  See how much of the old door rotted away!

Before cutting the plywood sheets, you can see the new uncut plywood with measuring, cutting and sanding tools!  The pickup tail gate makes a sufficient work bench.

After cutting and sanding the doors, four or five coats of oil-based Rust-oleum should keep the doors in good shape for a couple years!  Below, are the partially painted doors (white) against the garage.

Below, voila the new doors!  I kept the old hinges.  You can see the new handles, and new bolts holding a new plank at the overlap! Eventually I'll paint it to match the house.

Meanwhile the back yard,

and the misty field beyond,

are not taking long to get used to…

the beginning

First sunset

 Research needed to figure out how to take care of this:

Stuart, in the garden shed which makes a great cat house

Home office. View to the right I find more captivating than the beach palms!


Introducing the Villages of Distinct Pronunciation:

Moodus and surroundings, was a summer destination before air travel:

Cave Hill, where Moodus Noises is said to originate

A few of these cabin resorts remain today.

Presently not far away in Moodus, this abandoned, spectacular neo Gothic Revival Italianate farmhouse and estate:

And below, the enchanting swing drawbridge with opera house and restaurant/hotel, as viewed from across the Connecticut River.

IKEA tour

Picture a house where there is nothing unexpected, where nothing needs explanation.  With traditional furnishings. A showroom-type house.  That may be comforting to some but to this author, soulless, depraved.  
IKEA provides some ideas and inspirations to help round out a house's personality.  The store being of European origin caters in general to small or mid size homes, and apartments.  Not much in the way of banquet tables and large sectional sofas and recliners that you'd see in traditional furniture stores.
First, the CT state seal, explained:

actually, the grapes symbolize success or friendship.
The plan is to mix old with new furnishings.  I am in the market for an actual real dining set/table/flatware, bed frame, and small bathroom sink to replace the very small bathroom sink.
IKEA Home Furnishings, New Haven.  Below are pictures from a trip there just to see what might work. Nothing purchased today!  I hope these pictures convey the IKEA experience.

Upstairs at IKEA: show…